12 March 2009


Well...I sat and thought about a name for this little turtle and no matter how many I made up she kept putting the name "Pearl" in my mind...so I reckon this is "Pearl"...probably because the center piece is mother of pearl (dyed blue)...and she has pearls on her feet, head and tail...whatever her reasons...she just wasn't going to let me name her anything else...she is the February entry for the Beaded Journal Project...she was finished in time...I'm just slow with her debut...
This little fella and his friend always seem to know when I'm playing the River Course when golfing...they seem to pop up everytime I am on #5...so I always try to have something for them...they come pretty close...but I don't get too close to them...they are sweet but they are still wild...he's eating a peanut butter cracker...and yes...I used a zoom...
I'm off to get my dad from the rehab place he's been in since his hospital adventure a couple of weeks ago...he will surely be glad to be home...and we'll be happy to have him back in Cocoa Beach! Have a lovely day!


  1. Hi Jena, I've been reading back posts on your blog... You certainly are a prolific bead artist! I'm so impressed with all of it, and especially Pearl (with the perfect name)! She is so beautiful - she makes me feel connected to turtle wisdom and peacefulness. Thanks for posting!

    Robin A.

  2. Glad your dad is home. So reassuring for him.

    Love Pearl. Perfect name for her. Your beading is beautiful.

    Don't you just enjoy critters?

  3. Wonderful job, Jena! These turtles are really quite special.

    Kathy V in NM

  4. Pearl is so great! Your turtles keep surprising me. They keep getting better and better.

  5. Pearl is a most charming and beautiful creature! Plus she has a mind of her own - I like that, too.