24 February 2009

"Pinot Noir"

Hi all...during the past week I have had the flu and my dad has been in the hospital.

Not being able to visit him, and really not being able to go much of anywhere, I've been working on a doll and finished her last night...her name is "PinotNoir"...her face is the foil cap from a bottle of wine from the "FritzWinery"...


...out of California..my dad found out about this wine from my aunt and has a couple of cases sent to the house each year to give as gifts and use on special occasions...the reason it's unique and fun for him to get this wine is because his last name(my maiden name) is FRITZ! Pretty cool...huh...

So...I saved the foil cap when we opened a bottle a while back and have been thinking of this doll for a while...she is shaped like...a bottle of wine ofcourse...her face has the Fritz Winery label...and her body is a grape orchard with some puffly clouds in the sky...she stands about 6.5"...I thinkI might bring her up to the hospital for my dad...who is doing better...they are taking him to a rehab hospital til he gets his strength back...he'strying not to get discouraged...maybe a little "Pinot Noir" will cheer him up!

Hope you have a lovely day!

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  1. You Bet It Will!! This doll is just too cool! Love the face. Wonderful REuse.