28 January 2009

"Love is a Rose"

The three LOVEly sisters have a fourth sister! Her name is "Love is a Rose" She stands not quite 3" and wears a jacket of roses with butterflies in her hair...she was so fun to work on...and I got to use my "pinks and reds" hank of beads I found a few weeks ago...
If you haven't bought your Valentine's Cards I have some postcards available on my etsy site... http://www.atawhisper.etsy.com/ ...with all four of the LOVEly Ladies...


  1. She is just so sweet. I love your color mix. I need to learn how to make smaller dolls!

  2. Hi Jena, this 4th sister is very cute. I admire the detail you put into wrapping her in roses. That's a lot of seed-beadin' work! :)

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