23 January 2009

Ella Belle...Life is Swell!

I made a doll for my granddaughter, Ella. Though it saddens me greatly that I am not allowed to know her (my daughter and I have been estranged since before she was born...prayers are needed and welcome...), I always pray and hope that one day not only will Ella know I love her...but that she will receive her. About a year ago or so I drew a picture of a little girl and named her Ella Belle...partly after my granddaughter and partly after my mom (Ninabelle)...when I decided to make Ella a doll it only seemed right to make Ms. Ella Belle! It was a challenge...I had to make a pattern for the doll...and her clothes...but they turned out pretty well...I even made panties...since she is wearing a skirt.
She has little sandals and I made her a beaded hair snood. Her arms and legs are bendable (I put wire in them).
Hope you are having a wonderful day!

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  1. Jena, I was sorry to read this post. I am wondering how old your daughter is, since I have had this kind of experience in our family (though not my daughter). It seems like in our instance the girls grew into womanhood and suddenly understood the importance of family relations and that their children should have a connection to their grandparents. I hope this will be true for you.

    Keep them both close to your heart. Someday that little girl is going to find YOU.