14 December 2008

Piggy-Back Shuttle Landing

On Friday, December 12th, 2008 the shuttle came into Cape Canaveral Air Station on the back of a 727. These images were taken at 7th Street South in Cocoa Beach as the 727 flew down the beach for all to witness. A very very cool site to see! Here's a video with about 9 slides in a row of it passing while I stood on the beach ramp at 7th Street.

Christmas is approaching fast...I lit candle 11 this evening...that means only 11 days til Christmas...and I've been working hard to get the tree up and the presents wrapped and the cards sent...one of this year's Christmas Cards will include my "Flip Flop Tree"...which is our 2nd tree each year...I made it to make my husband laugh the year we were married...he loves it...
Here is my Beaded Art Doll for December...and ornament named "Glisten".
Doesn't she have a sweet face?
And this year's Christmas ornaments for the 4 grandchildren? A Christmas tree!
I still have a lot to do...have my Beaded Journal Project to finish...and have a lovely Round Robin Doll to work on...but I'm still getting out to play a little golf every few days...today shot a 43 on 9 holes...found some really "old-fashioned" clubs at the Thrift Shop for $1.00...old wooden woods...really old...and about 5 different putters!!!...and a leather bag...all for $1.00...I was amazed...the head on the 7 wood isn't much bigger than the ball! But I shot a really great tee shot on a long par three with it today...
The 2008 "Pink Ribbon Turtles" Drawings have been completed. "Ling" was won by Joan M. in Cocoa Beach, FL. I was very happy to find out that she was one of my mother's good friends. She was excited to win.
"Jewels of the Sea" was won by Anne H. of Edmond, OK. She was thrilled to hear the news.
"Kameko" was won by Beverly M. of White Pine, TN. Bev was also happy when she heard the news.
We don't have a final tally of donations to be sent to the American Cancer Society, but know it will be well over $800. With the economy the way it is...we are very pleased with this number. I will announce a final amount once I know it. I'm still waiting for a couple of "snail mail" checks to come from people that simply wanted to donate and not get tickets. Thank you to everyone who donated this year. Congratulations to our winners. Thank you to the 7 wonderful beadwork artists that made this year's turtles a reality.
We are working on plans for next year's project, and will announce our plans once they are confirmed. Anyone who is a beadwork artist is certainly invited to join us!
I reckon that's about all the news today...if I don't get to post again between now and Christmas I wish you a safe and happy holiday season!

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  1. The jewels of the sea make me sooo happy - they are wonderful.