20 December 2008

December Turquoise Turtle and more...

Here she is...the December Beaded Journal Project turtle...birthstone...turquoise..I'm really pleased with her...she is beautiful in person.
And here...my December entry for the Beaddreamz Group Calendar Challenge. Was walking on the beach the other day and found this Cat's Eye shell...actually only the top half of it...and took it home with me to create this necklace...and it wears beautifully. I wore it to a Christmas party this morning...and the ladies loved it.
Other than that...just trying to get ready for Christmas...it should be a great one...wishing all of you a blessed holiday season.


  1. Your December turtle is so pretty! What a beautiful stone you used. What type is it? The fabric and beads are such a lovely, peaceful color... beautiful! Robin A.

  2. Beautiful necklace and pendant. I love this month's turtle, one of my very favorite colors. That flip flop tree is too cool!!

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Jena - you've out done yourself with this month's turtle. They just keep getting better and better! Your shell is great, too. Merry Christmas - Heidibeads

  4. lovely turtle! can't wait to see these all "together."