29 November 2008

Topaz Turtle...and other doings...

Here she is...my Topaz Turtle...the Beaded Journal Project entry for November.
Topaz is the November stone...and it can be found in clear, pale blue, yellow, green or red. The golden yellow topaz is often referred to as the Imperial Topaz and is the most valuable of all the Topaz stones.
It took me a while to find a piece of fabric in my stash of material that suited me...but I finally happened upon a square of this piece in a stack of 9"squares I have that I'm going to make a patchwork quilt with...with her black body (except a couple of topaz 15's in the border stitching all the way around)...I like the way her topaz shell shines. In person she is lovely.

I'm a bit behind still from my hospital stay a few weeks ago...still playing catch up...so haven't done my doll for the month...but will have her here as soon as I can...still have to make the grandbabies their Christmas ornaments that I make each year too...my goal is to catch completely up by the new year...

Tomorrow is one of the "Pink Ribbon Turtles" drawings for this year...I'm very pleased to say that we are doing well in our donations...I'll wait to give you a total after the December drawings when I know exactly how much we have to send as our total donation.

Had a wonderful visit with high school friends last night...lots of laughs and good memories.
Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. God Bless!


  1. I like your November turtle very much, Jena. She is pleasing to look at and must be nice to the touch.

    Regards to you and Topaz Turtle,

  2. your Turtle is gorgeous and I can't wait to see the whole tribe of them, walking up the walk in the summer.

  3. Glad you are feeling better. Its always so hard to catch up. Don't wear yourself out. Love your November Turtle.

  4. I'm with Jacqui... wanting to see the whole tribe of turtles and being a little impatient about it... Her shell is just lovely!!!

    Robin A.