01 June 2008

Samples and Symbols

Well...this is her humble beginning...my little Sampler Doll. I joined a yahoogroup called Beaded Art Dolls and have been having a ball! The first dolly I decided to try was the Sampler Doll. I've never beaded a doll's face before...well...except for putting a bead where each eye was supposed to be anyway. This time I had to use tiny beads (15's) and bead the entire face. Now mind you the doll itself is only about 4.5" tall...so beading a tiny face with such tiny beads was almost overwhelming...and something I probably won't do again. (Momma said never say never...so I'll just say probably). Each of the rows of color are supposed to be a different "bead embroidery stitch"...and we were supposed to pick only 6 colors for the 6 stitches. I didn't exactly follow ALL of the directions exactly...but I did alright. I picked 6 basic colors...but used different sizes, styles and shades of that color bead for the doll. I'm nearly done and will post her picture as soon as she is complete. Right now I'm trying to figure out what I can use between her front and back to make her stiff enough to stand tall...well...as tall as a 4.5" doll can stand anyway! "grin"

The other doll I decided to work on is the symbolic doll. I'll tell you more about her once I REALLY get started on her. The change in font color should at least give you an idea of the colors I've picked for her...more about her at another time!

May you be blessed.

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