03 June 2008

In A Tizzy "Lizzy"!

Here she is...all complete!

When I was little my mom would tell my sister and I...when we would get out of sorts or overly excitable about something..."Don't get in a tizzy, Lizzy."

When I was finishing this Sampler doll I looked at her shape...with her hands thrown in the air...her hair...that I'd made stand straight out by sticking ball-end straight pins in and then snipping the ball off...and her mouth that is a bit on the crooked side...and her great big eyes...and that's all I could think of.

So...my Sampler dolly is finished...her picture is in the Sampler book and her name...why "Lizzy" of course!

Now...I have to go get busy on all my other projects...hmmmmmm...which one first...


  1. She is fabulous, and what a great story too re Tizzy Lizzy (may your heart always be happy and your hands always be busy) Your Lizzy just inspired that last bit of scribing :)

  2. Wow! LOVE the colors! This is so fun! You have so much talent..I can never have enough patience for the seed bead stitches.