09 September 2009

A Lot is Happening!

Back in June my niece, Lacee (bride in 1st pic) got married...her best friend, Tania (bride in second pic) came from Alabama to be at her wedding...and this past weekend...Lacee got to return the visit! What a great weekend in the DC area. I flew up with my sister and we went to the wedding of her daughter's BFF, Tania. It was a great wedding...and we had a blast. The bride was beautiful...the groom handsome in his dress uniform...they are both chopper pilots for the Army. The reception after was fun...and the cakes amazing...the groom's cake was a helicopter! I'll tell you...the folks on the food network ain't got nothin on the folks that made that cake.
It was great to see my nieces, great niece, nephew-in-law, and friends...so glad we got to go...but it was great to get back home.
Announcing a new design for those who love pirates...the character from my children's book, Shorty, is exploring Florida in his next adventure...and one of the places he goes is Ft. Walton Beach, FL where he attends the "Billy Bowlegs" Celebration..."Billy Bowlegs" was a pirate...in my new design Shorty is decked out as a pirate...complete with sword, parrot and eyepatch...his advice: "Be Who Ye Aaarrrggghhh!". You can find gifts and apparel with this design at www.cafepress.com/atawhisper/6882092 .
I'm working on the 2009 Pink Ribbon Turtles Project, and will be announcing it soon...this year we will have one item for the drawing and a couple more that will be auctioned at ebay...stay tuned for the announcement about when you can get your drawing tickets and where the auction site is.
Hope you are having a lovely September day!

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