01 September 2009

Here is hand #2...what fun this has turned out to be...at first I thought I might do the hands for next year's Beaded Journal Project...but I found out quickly that I enjoyed doing them too much and knew I'd finish before the 2010 BJP ever started...SOOOOOOOO...I decided to modify my hand idea for next year's 2010 BJP...which will start in January...and what will I do??? The feet (foot) of course! I finished sewing on 12 hands and 12 feet to certain fabrics...as you can see (second row the last two feet) are the same material and colors as my first and second hand...and there is a hand to match each of the feet below...(though I've only finished two of the hands)...when I get started on the feet in January 2010...I'll have them all ready to bead...the applique of the foot and five toes has already been accomplished...this is going to be FUN!

There really is a foot/toes on the white one...you just can't see it because it's also white...not sure which had I'll do next...but you can find gifts and apparel with the two hands that have been completed at www.cafepress.com/atawhisper/6858407 ...

Beautiful here in Florida...hope you are having a wonderful day!

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  1. Your two hand pieces are wonderful! Both convey just the message your intend. The fact that you are a massage therapist makes it even more significant that you are doing this series of hands. Since you are so compelled to do them NOW, it is probably best that you've decided on companion feet for the BJP next year. Maybe the hands can represent the public, therapist you, while the feet can carry the private, personal events, feelings and thoughts of your life? However you do it, I'm surely glad you're on board again!!!