14 August 2009

Teea and Sunny

Why did I name this little dolly "Teea"? Well...if you look very carefully at her 'face'...it's the outside of a golf ball that I found on the golf course one day...a yellow one...I was going to try to somehow put a yellow golf tee that I had on her somehow...but the tee is nearly as tall as she is...and I couldn't figure out how to put it on her without making it look like something I just "tacked on at the end"...so in trying to keep with her golfball skin face...I named her "Teea".
It's been a whole year...and it's hard to believe...but here is my final turtle for the Beaded Journal Project...When I thought of the month of August...which is what month this turtle is for...I thought of three things...sunset...sunrise...and sun...thus her name is Sunny...and I think her name fits her just perfectly...I sure had fun with the Beaded Journal Project and will most likely join next year as well...though I believe the next one instead of being from September through August...it will begin at the first of the year and we'll do our work all in the same year.
Want to see the entire year of turtles? On Sunday, August 16th I'll have them all on my website at www.atawhisper.com/BJPTurtles.htm .
Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. Congratulations on finishing this year's BJP!!! Give yourself a pat on the back from me... you did a great job!

    Sunny is a great way to finish... She's so very cheerful and bright! Question about the yellow roses... how did you attach them???

    I'm very glad to hear you'll be back again next year and will check to see all your turtles tomorrow on your website!

  2. Well, let me be the first to congratulate you! I have enjoyed ALL of your turtles this year and this one did NOT disappoint. I'm particularly fond of calliope and blossom but Sunny is giving them a run for their money! Thanks for sharing your wonderful art!