05 August 2009

A Tad Late

Here he is...his name is "Patriot"...he's my July (a little past due...he was celebrating the 4th of July and partied just a little too much...hahaha) Beaded Journal Project turtle...hard to believe there is only August to go!
Gotta jet out of here...things to do...places to go...people to see...and all that...
Have a lovely day!


  1. I have to salute this guy!! He is one patriotic turtle...Once, my family and I saved a leatherback turtle from being drowned in the Bay -- it was strangled by a crab pot -- though we waited about two hours for experts from the National Aquarium in Baltimore and from the Coast Guard to arrive...we didn't want to lose the spot where the turtle was struggling..

    The coast guard asked us for our GPS location -- we laughed because we didn't have a GPS on our boat -- we DID have huge American flag on a pole that we strapped to the side of the boat so the Coast Guard could find us...

    When the Coast Guard radioed us again, I told them we would be the boat with the huge American flag flying and the officer chipped back, "I got it, ma'am. That makes sense...An American flag for an American turtle." Oh, how we laughed about that. Evidently, it was very rare for leatherback turtles to be seen in this area. We all were invited for a special behind the scenes tour at the Aquarium and we were in the newspaper the next day for saving that American turtle.

  2. Another fabulous turtle! I especially love the lower part of his shell with the four white "flowers" and the surrounding curving textural lines in blue!!!

  3. Oh, wow -- I just love ALL of your turtles and this one is no exception!!!

    Kathy V in NM