08 May 2009

March...and twin...

Well...decided to "redo" the curtain swag in my bedroom...which is two really nice shades of blue...and "beachy"...I decided to use the BJP turtle pattern to make the decoration on the swag holders (I am sure there is a word for that I just can't bring it to my brain)...anyway...the things I use now are round...so instead of buying new ones I decided to just cover them...Here is one of the March turtles...it's twin is nearly finished and a mirror opposite of this one...the material for the curtain will be the same you see here...the offwhite with white paisley...I'm just waiting on some blue beads I ran out of and had to order to finish the twin...
So...meet March's turtle(s)...there will be two...haven't named them...but I really like how they turned out...
Off to swim laps...then maybe to the golf course...
Have a happy day!


  1. He looks like he is swimming in a blue pond. He's great and so are you to RE-cycle that holder!!

  2. oh, very cute! He does look like he is swimming in a pond! great beading!

  3. Your March twins will be stunning used to hold back your lovely paisley curtains. Oh my, yes!

    Does doing these turtles bring you into some profound connection with turtle energy???? It seems that could easily happen.

    Robin A.