18 May 2009


Meet "Belle"...named for my mom...mostly because of the yellow roses in the background...her favorite flower..."Belle" is the May Beaded Journal Project entry for me. Finding just the right color green for the body wasn't easy...since I started doing bead embroidery I've discovered that there are at least a zillion different shades, tints, hues, and finishes of nearly every color...a bit overwhelming at times...but always great once you find just the right one!
On the golf course the other day...hole #2 of the Dolphin Course in Cocoa Beach...we spotted this momma turtle heading back to the pond after laying her eggs...see the sand on her back? She had been digging her nest to lay. The turtles come out this time of year and lay eggs under the trees and shrubbery all around the golf course...then hope that the scrubjays and crows don't come dig them up and eat them before they can mature and hatch...I would venture a guess that the back of this turtle is at least as big as a turkey platter...she was lovely...
At the corner of Brevard and S. 2nd Street here in Cocoa Beach you can sometimes see Manatees...these pictures were taken one afternoon when I had gone down just to see if they were around...and there they were...four adults and a baby...they eat the algae I think...sometimes folks will feed them lettuce or cabbage...which they really aren't supposed to do...but the manatees love it...you can see some of the scars they've received from motor boats...manatees are an protected species...and you aren't allowed to touch or feed them...but they are also very curious...so if you are still and one comes up to you and touches you...it's very special...I'm hoping to go out on a kayak tour in June with some of my friends from Curves...and we're hoping to see manatees and porpoise (dolphins)...I'm sure we'll see plenty of birds and maybe even an alligator! We're using a tour group that leaves each morning Mon-Sat for a 2-2.5 hour kayak tour of the river islands around Cocoa Beach...if you are headed to Cocoa Beach for a vacation you can find out more about the kayak tour at http://www.cocoabeachkayaking.com/ .

At our library we have a "musical season" where every Sunday afternoon for several months there is a concert of some sort...not long ago there was a steel drum band called the "Pan Sharks" that were there...I love steel drums...so naturally had to go to that one...this video is of them playing "Yellow Bird"...which you may recognize as a Harry Belafonte' song from a while back...to see more of the "Pan Sharks" you can go to their website at www.pansharks.com . You may have to turn off the music player to the right before you can hear them play...otherwise you will be hearing two different things at once!

So...that's about it from Cocoa Beach today...the weather is lovely...headed for a swim here shortly...just got back from a 40 minute walk...and if the weather holds I might just head out for a round of 9 holes of golf...hmmmm...at some point I have to go to the grocery store...or maybe we'll just have sandwiches for supper...ha...

I was reading one of Marianne Williamson's recent books...I love her work...it embodies the greatest defining spirit of God...LOVE...two things I read in this particular book were about forgiveness and miracles...Forgivness involves faith in a love that is greater than hate...so true...and a prayer she has for forgiveness...

Dear God, Please forgive me the mistakes in my past. May neither I not anyone else be bound by them...Please God...may I begin again...Amen

...and she gave this as the definition of a miracle: Nothing that happened before this moment has any bearing on what's possible now, except that what you learned from it can be fuel for a magnificent future...

The book is "The Age of Miracles: Embracing the New Midlife" and is an excellent and easy read...a very uplifting book...I'm sure the bookstores have it...and I'll probably go buy one...I found it at the library and have to take it back...but some books are worth reading more than once!

Off for a swim...may you be forgiven as you forgive...and may your day be full of miracles!


  1. What a fun, newsy post... with lots to think about and a whole different "culture" to the one I see every day. I've never seen a manatee (even in captivity) or so large a turtle in the wild. Your Belle turtle is fabulous. I bet she's even more beautiful in person, because bling beads don't photograph very well. I think you found a lovely green for her head and body. Robin A.

  2. A beautiful turtle. I loved seeing the pictures of the turtle and the manatee. So different than what we have here in the north. My sister lives in Cocoa, and whenever we visit her I am amazed at the different plants and animals.
    Marty S
    Crackpot Beader

  3. What a sunny disposition Belle has! She's just great! I know what you mean about the colors, hues, tints and textures, and then the background fabric adds another dimension, doesn't it? I'm new to beading and feel overwhelmed, yet stimulated by it.