12 January 2009

Garnet Turtle

Here she is...the January Turtle for the Beaded Journal Project. Her name is Garnet...after the birthstone...three garnet colored glass beads surrounded by silver and other garnet beads make up her shell...her body is made of green and pale mauve seed beads and some pale mauve glass beads I had in my stash. She is sitting with the rest of her crowd...waiting for February's turtle...who is just a sparkle in my eye as of now.
Happy Beading!!!


  1. Jena, she is so pretty. I love every one you make. What will you do for February, now that you used red for January?

  2. ooooo Love this one! Some of my favorite colors, plus being a January baby, this one is definitely one of my favorites of your turtles! Your dolls in your previous blog are adorable!

  3. Like the rest of the turtle family, she is ever so cute.

    My regards to you and Garnet,

  4. Another beautiful turtle - these are going to look so great all together! Love Garnet.

  5. I love the colors! How large are your turtles? They are all so pretty.
    Marty S
    Crackpot Beader

  6. Garnet is my favorite so far, Jena!!! Of course, I also love garnets. What is the significance of the three "flowers" on her shell?

    Robin A.

  7. All of your work is simply stunning!

    Kathy V in NM

  8. Delightful! Your turtles are such fun wee creatures!