14 September 2008

Again, I'll "Brooch" the Subject of "Pins"

Pun intended.

Here is one of my latest brooches. I love the stone...which I originally thought was African Turquoise...but a friend sent a picture of something called Sesame` Jasper...which I think is what it really is. Whatever it's called...it's a beautiful stone.
I made the brooch for a 'cabachon challenge' that our group is having. We are supposed to have the cabachon no smaller than 18mm and no larger than 30mm. This one is an oval approx. 18mm x 27mm.

There is a second part to the 'challenge' in the form of a swap...and I loved the stone so much I thought...hmmmmm...I'm getting two of these...and here is what the second one turned out to look like.

I made myself use only beads I had in my stash...so it was kind of difficult to match things up...but I managed...and I really like both of these.
Not sure either of them will go to the swap...ha...but then again...I can't wear them both either...oh...decisions, decisions...
Of course...then there are the other cabs I found whilst looking at this one...I got two of each of those too...but I've only completed one.

I think it's Aventurine...generally a green stone...is a form of quartz with other mineral inclusions...sometimes bits of mica...that give it bit of a glisten. Some call it 'Indian Jade' because the green color of it can resemble real Jade. It comes in other colors as well...but green is the most common.

This stone is actually a bead instead of a cabachon...but it was a flat stone...so was easy to treat as a cabachon when beading.

Other than the cabachons...I've been working diligently on the 2008 "Pink Ribbon Turtle" Project...which is due to be 'debuted' on October 1st. I can't wait to show them ALL off. This year...for the first time...I've had help from 7 wonderful artists and there will be three different "Pink Ribbon Turtle" designs in three separate drawings! STAY TUNED!!!

And of course...I've been playing golf...in fact...I got up early this morning and played 9 holes...didn't do too badly either...especially since I was excruciatingly tired from playing 18 in the middle of the day yesterday when it felt like 110 in the shade...ok...I might be exagerating a little...but it was HOT and very very little breeze...but my friend, Missy and I had fun (we always do)...and met a very nice couple who we played with...it's always lovely to meet new people.

One last picture...we saw this Great Blue Heron resting under the Oleanders on the 8th hole and stopped and took his pictures. I think he was a little put out with us for disturbing his rest...because shortly after the picture he stood up and sauntered off in disgust...ha...don't you just love his long long legs?

Have a blessed day!

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  1. OH! I love your beadwork - every time I see your work I tell myself I HAVE to make something (my "work" with beads mostly involves buying them and stashing them away - i.e. losing them)

    i sooo want to do one of the cabochen kinda things...have gathered patterns for those for ages..maybe one day...

    and that blue heron..you know...my son and i were taking a walk at the beginning of summer and saw one of those enormous things up here - my WORD! Great picture - he does look a trifle miffed...