29 August 2008

Brooches and Pins

It seems as though I'm "stuck" (pun intended) on Brooches and Pins lately. I guess it started back around Easter when I had a ball making about a dozen or more "Easter Egg" Pins. The first one turned out so cute I just couldn't stop. I still have about 2 dozen E-egg pins cut out of the felt I use to make them that are ready to be beaded.

Then...I found two online groups of beadwork artists...and I really mean artists...wow...you wouldn't believe some of the gorgeous dolls and jewelry I've seen from these artists...amazing.

Since that time I have learned so much just by "listening" to them on the emails they send...and viewing the pictures of their work. Every so often in each group there is a challenge. One of the groups is a doll group and the other just a beading group...they don't necessarily NOT do dolls...but they seem to lean more toward beaded art in general...much of it being jewelry.
In the Doll group the ladies often use some sort of bead or cabachon or polyclay face cabachon for the face of the doll. And coming up on the other group is a cabachon challenge and swap. So whenever I head to the bead store...or look online for anything...it seems my eyes just naturally gravitate to the larger beads and cabachons.
The brooches in the pictures above are some of the ones I've worked on.
The one on the left was a gift to my niece for her birthday. I made it to go with a gray top I sent as part of the gift. Of course...she can wear it with whatever she wants...but it looked stunning against the gray.
"Little Pink Sunshine"...in the middle...was one of my first attempts at polyclay. I made the little cab and then made her into a pink pin. I just think she's cute.
The one on the right is a large flat Cherry Jade bead. I think it turned out to be very stunning...and though I thought it more dark pink than red...quite Christmassy too!
Last night I finished one I call "Dreamer"...to your right...love the purples and her little necklace that simply states "Dream".
I don't know what I'm going to do for the challenge & swap...but I've found 4 different stones (of course I bought two of each...after all...if I make it and it's luscious I might want to make one for me...ha...) I'll keep you posted about that.
Watching carefully Hurricane Gustav and TS Hannah...praying for everyone that might be in their paths.
Have a blessed day.

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  1. Jena, I love your pins. I, too, am stuck on them. Just finished two face pins for SassyArtGoddess' Face Swap. I have doll pins to make for BAD, and others for BDZ. Somewhere in there I have to make room for BJP. LOL.