24 July 2008

A Very Pink Day!

Pink Pink Pink...this particular day it seemed everything turned pink...so I suppose you could actually say that "Everything is Rosie"...assuming the rose is pink too!
Working on this year's "Pink Ribbon Turtles" has been a real treat.
Several reasons.
First, there are three turtles on this year's "Pink Ribbon Turtles" that we always have the drawing for starting in late September...the drawing being the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Each of the turtles will be a little different...but the thing they all will have in common is a pink shell.
Second, this year's turtles will be very bright and festive. In the past the color has been predominately PINK...this year the background is BLUE...like the ocean...the three turtles will each have a different color of green for it's body...and the "sealife" around them will be very colorful as well. I'm really excited about this year's turtles. When I am a little farther along I will post a picture.
Third, there is going to be more than one drawing! This year there will be two other "Pink Ribbon Turtles" drawings as well. WHY? Back in early April "Beadwork" magazine published a short article on the "Pink Ribbon Turtles"...this article was read by many across the United States...but one beadwork artist decided she wanted to find out more. Gretchen Coats contacted me and asked if she could help in some way...and the "Pink Ribbon Turtles" in 4 Quadrants was born. Now there are 8 artists working on two different 4 quadrant turtles. To find out more go to www.atawhisper.com/prt.htm . I've seen the work these ladies are doing and you are in for a REAL treat when you see the two turtles put together. Pictures of the 4Q turtles should be available by the end of August.
I was out at the golf course...trying to get in 9 holes before the rain came and was playing rather quickly...the sky was dark all around and very noisy...and lo and behold...what do I see wandering around with the Ibis but a Roseate Spoonbill...just as cute and pink as you please...wandering around with a group of Ibis! I was really excited and quite disappointed at the same time...I had forgotten my digital camera...boo hoo...I'm pretty sure it was a young one because its head was more white than pink and his pink was on the pale side instead of the really deep pink like the adults are...it was also about the size of the Ibis it was wandering with and not at all big...but I was tickled none-the-less.
At home...finished with the computer for the evening...I was leaving my workroom to head to the porch for some beading...as I walked past one of the shelves near the door something caught my eye...a piece of Rose Quartz in the shape of a heart...this particular piece had a flat back to it...which puts it in the "category" of a cabachon...and I remembered an email on one of the beading groups I am in where someone was asking about beading a heart-shaped cabachon...so I thought I'd give it a try. I didn't use this particular one...it was a "one of a kind" I had...but remembered that I had 3 of them in my "stash" of cabs that were a little smaller...so I dug them out and gave it the old "college try"...the picture above is the result...I've done two...have the third one out on the porch to do...and am seriously thinking of going ahead and doing the larger one...hmmmmm...I think I see a Pink Quartz Heart Necklace in the future!
So...it was just a Pink sort of day!
For info about the two birds I mentioned click on either of these!

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