16 July 2008

At the Beach with Aidan & "Ma"

I hope you can make out this little "sand turtle". My youngest grandson, Aidan, and I went to the beach not too many mornings ago and built it. Pretty good if you ask me...since my little man is only 3. He had quite the artist's eye when patting him down and was also very earnest in his attempts to find just the right shells to decorate the turtle.
His brother, Avery, age 12, and he spent the night with us. It was the first time he had spent the night away from home...but did very well. The next morning Avery and "Pa" went to the tennis courts and Aidan and I (also known as "Ma") went to the beach. I hope you like our creation...we sure had fun making it!
Happy Day!

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  1. Oh, I LOVE it! Great work - and a turtle - sure made me smile!!