30 September 2008

#1 is Done!

Well...it took me all month...but after thinking of at least a dozen templates for my Beaded Journal Project and passing them over...I finally settled on my favorite creature...the turtle...
This little gal...named Elkay...was made for the month of September with a specific person in my heart and mind. My dear friend...Lauren...who passed away a few years ago with liver cancer...loved purple...butterflies...and lavendar roses...and her jewelry...almost always gold. Lauren and I went through the last year of high school together...but didn't really get to know one another until we were roommates in college...it was grand to have moved back home and have her come shortly after...roomies again until we both got re-married...we shared a lot of laughter and tears...and were there for one another always...
I think I'm going to like this project...I'm already thinking of the October turtle...what material I'll mount it on...and what colors it will be...for that matter...I'm already thinking several months in advance! Hope you like her!


  1. This is really pretty Jena! The sentiment behind it is so sweet. Cancer takes far to many people each year... Your work is lovely. Turtles are very popular in beadwork arent they? Cant wait to see next months page. Congrats! tracey

  2. Beautiful! What a lovely way to remember a friend!
    Marty S
    Crackpot Beader

  3. She is simply beautiful, Jena. How nice to commemorate your friend this way.

  4. This is one of the most beautiful turtles I have ever seen! Wonderful. Nice tribute to your friend.

  5. I am sure Lauren is smiling down on you right now! This little turtle seems to capture Lauren's spirit perfectly - beautiful work!

  6. I like her a lot and I'm sure Lauren would have been thrilled that you created such a lovely tribute to her.

    Turtles seem to be a popular theme this year.

    I look forward to seeing your October BJP.


  7. Very nice turtle! Love the colors!
    Look forward to seeing next month...

  8. Jena: You're so funny. You were trying to decide what shape to use for your pages. What else but a turtle!!! Elkay is stunning, but then I am partial to purple and if you add glitz, well I'm hooked. Really beautiful. Elkay brings back wonderful memories for you that your friend is still sharing with you.

  9. Beautiful tribute to your dear friend Lauren...she would be so proud! Your beadwork is lovely! I like your them for this years BJP!

    I look forward to seeing your monthly pages!

    Have a nice weekend...~Lisa ;-)

  10. I love it! Your turtle jewels are so beautiful..I think they need to come to Maui..the shops here would eat them up!

  11. I've been looking over all your newer entries. You make some really wonderful pieces. This page is especially nice. I love the 3-D quality of it and the colors and the meaning behind it. It's just super.

  12. What a beautiful tribute to your friend Laura! Seeing it gives me such a warm feeling about how you saw your friend.

    Beadily yours
    Susan Feldkamp